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5 Reasons You're Missing Out On Loose Leaf Tea 🍂

PYUR Flavors (from left to right): Hibiscus, Rose Buds, Easter Lily, and Lavender


By Pyur Team

Time for us to introduce ourselves to you. We are a little team of interns working together to create content, collabs, and campaigns for you! We have Crizza, Sam, and Marion working on the digital marketing efforts; and Raya and Nicole who work on our social media outlets. Together with the brains behind the brand -- our founder Lerizze, we work as a unit to make PYUR’s vision come to life.

In this blog, we'll be sharing with you what we've realized when we all got to try loose leaf tea for the first time. They say there's always a first time for everything! If you're still undecided about loose leaf tea, maybe you can learn a thing or two from our experience!


1. It’s sustainable. 

One of the great beauties of loose leaf tea is how sustainable it is. Compared to your standard tea bags, you can reuse the leaves up to three times before disposing. 

"I wish I knew that it can be steeped several times. I've drank tea before but they only ever came in those disposable baggies so I assumed loose leaf tea would be the same." - Crizza

Aside from disposing of the leaves themselves -- which by the way, are 100% compostable, loose leaf tea decreases the total amount of waste since you do not need the individual packaging to make your tea. At PYUR, we try our best to make our output as sustainable as possible.


2. The relaxing aroma.

Minus the use of tea bags, the leaves can be as natural and as whole as possible. This lets the aromas and the flavors become much more richer and stronger. 

"The smell also becomes so strong— much stronger than those in tea bags— so you really get an organic feel of your tea." - Marion

 "That it can be aromatic! I never knew tea could have a nice and pleasant smell until I tried loose leaf tea." - Nicole

When steeping loose leaf tea, the aromas just fills your space. It’s very pleasant.

3. It's aesthetic. 

We’ve all heard of “fashion” and even “home living” as classifications of aesthetics but, have you heard of tea aesthetics? The “aesthetic” that loose leaf tea gives is just breathtaking. Adding the leaves, petals, or even the dried fruits to the hot water, you slowly start to see the water color change to the natural colors from the ingredients. It’s so calming to see the flavor move in the water.  

What’s more interesting is seeing the dried ingredients expand as you steep them in the water. For the floral flavors, it's like seeing the flower bloom the longer they stay in the hot water. 

"I remember seeing the colors slowly change, and see the essence of the flavor move in the water, as if you wash out your paint brush in a glass jar. It was so interesting to see the flowers expand the longer I kept it in the water." - Sam

 It’s really interesting because we often associate tea with “zen,” “calming,” “mediation,” and other words and feelings along those lines -- and it’s honestly true. Just by the steeping process, we see it already.

4. The options. 

Loose leaf tea is so versatile; and the more it becomes known, the more flavors are being tried and tested. You can apply the loose leaf tea method to all kinds of flavor palettes like fruity flavors such as orange and peach, or even floral flavors like Blue Butterfly Pea, Forget Me Not, and Lavender. These flavor schemes are very much different from traditional earthy flavors like  Oolong, Jasmine, and Mint. There’s so many options to try! 

More than having an endless list of flavors, you can even try to mix and match flavors. From hot tea to iced tea, adding toppings, or milk, it’s all a part of the “me time is tea time” process. You can try anything you want to. 


"It can be mixed with so many different flavours and you can adjust the taste to your liking. Before I just thought that whatever flavour is given in the pack, that is what you drink, but in reality, we can use our creativity and experiment on different tea combinations" - Raya

5. It’s a personal journey.

Like what we mentioned earlier, we associate tea with stillness and mindfulness (and trust us, you’re going to hear us talking about this a lot). There is no doubt that there are benefits to tea. Different kinds of tea leads to different benefits. Like, chamomile is known to help inflammation and green tea for digestive purposes. There’s just something about tea that makes you feel at ease.  


PYUR Chamomile Tea

We, ourselves, have started integrating tea into our daily routines to help us cope with the harsh realities of the world. Some of us start our day with a cup of tea and the rest of us end our day with it. Some use it to calm our anxieties, others see the health benefactors it provides. 

No matter the reason you drink your loose leaf for, it’s your own experience and journey. It is more than just having a cup of tea whenever you like, it’s also about making the stillness a part of your life experiences and growth. 

Here at PYUR, we are more than just a brand. We are a community -- a family, rather, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of that! 

Sometimes all you need is a good cup of tea… 

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